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How I get ready: Olly Murs

I’ll get the lads round two hours before a night out. So, if we plan to go out at eight, at six we’ll play a bit of Fifa on the PS4 and get a few drinks in. It doesn’t sound manly, but I like vodka and lemonade.

Then I shower with Aesop and stick on my towelling bathrobe, so I don’t have to dry myself. I stick on my Crème de la Mer moisturiser and eye cream. Then I start blow-drying my hair, which doesn’t take long, because I can’t ever do it properly, so I just put gel and wax in it and mess it up, as guys do. I wear Creed aftershave – all the girls like Creed.

Clothes I find a bit tricky: I never know what to wear, so I suss out what the other lads are wearing first. When I am doing shows, TV and photo shoots, I have a stylist, but for day-to-day I wear what I want. To be honest, the stuff I wear when I’m performing is pretty much what I wear on a daily basis. Some of the shirts are more outrageous – but when you live in Essex, everything is outrageous, so you can get away with it.

At the moment, Cos clothes are my favourite, and I like wearing trainers with everything, even if it’s a suit. I never wear a trilby when I’m on a night out, though – I’d rather keep a low profile. I only started wearing a hat on stage because my hair used to get sweaty and wet when I was performing.

I haven’t got the best physique in the world, and I’m conscious about getting my belly out. I am just a regular guy; I don’t have a six-pack. I have never been confident in the way I look, even though I probably come across as a confident guy.

Olly Murs’ new album, Never Been Better, is out now.

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