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Party Dresses if You’re Over 40

If it’s time to say goodbye to your 20 something outfits. The one thing you can’t say now that you’re over 40 is this: It still fits. The days of you trying to fit into your 20-something pair of jeans, for example, is long gone. That’s especially true if you’ve had a baby (or several). Things aren’t simply what they used to be.

The truth is being fashionable at 40 can be a nightmare. It hurts, simply hurts, to walk into a store of fashionable outfits you used to love and suddenly realize those won’t fit (or look good) on you anymore.
Dressing appropriately for your age depends highly on the rules you set out for yourself. The thing is, the rules are ever changing and as you age, that matters quite a lot especially when you’re looking for the perfect party dress.

But fret not, ladies. Here is a simplified guide on how to look for women’s party dresses if you’re over 40:

Miniskirts are Out

Don’t try to attract unwanted attention on yourself. Not all women over 30 have the body of the skinny, party-going 20 year old. If that’s the case, get rid of the miniskirts and the see-through party dresses. Have some sense of class into the clothes you pick out. Mini skirt party dresses will look awkward on you. That’s because you’re no longer young and care-free. One of the first things to consider is your self-esteem. Miniskirts aren’t the only things out there you can wear that would look sexy at your age.

Black Silhouettes are In

The truth about what stylists are saying about having a little black dress still applies. You need it. You need to have that one black dress that you take out once in a while to go out on dates with. There’s no rule that says you can’t wear the same thing to a party. Black silhouettes flatter your body and are slimming too. That should be a bonus right there.

Substitute Comfort for Style

This is a party dress we’re talking about. It should be something that stands out of the crowd or, at the very least, something your closet doesn’t have. The notion that comfort stands more important than style isn’t true all the time. On occasion, women over 40 must figure out a good balance of style that’s also comfortable. Don’t substitute one for the other, if you have can afford to. But if you want to get (the right) attention at a party, throw comfort to the wind and wear an outfit that’s sexy without trying too hard to be.

If for anything else, you must respect the shape you’re in right now. Dress appropriately for that. Age is just a number, after all. You can always wear THE dress and leave people guessing how old you really are.

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