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Simple and Tasty Breakfasts for Busy Women

Simple and tasty breakfasts don’t mean that you should eat cereal, as it is packed with sugar, which is bad for bloating. Make your breakfast colorful and thrilling. Busy women may get inspired by these simple and tasty breakfasts.

1.  Eat Oats

Your breakfast is considered simple, if you don’t spend time on it in the morning. That is why you are suggested eating either raw oats or putting them in the wave. You may also let the oats soak in milk or in juice of apple and add honey. Leave it stay overnight and in the morning, your tasty breakfast will be ready.

Simple and Tasty Breakfasts for Busy Women

2.  Eat Poached Eggs

Having poached eggs with a toast and drinking a lemon juice is another great suggestion of a simple and tasty breakfast for busy women. You will need only two minutes to prepare this breakfast. If you are in an extreme hurry, you may use your microwave to make poached eggs.

3.  Drink Smoothies

Instead of cutting fruits and eating them in the morning, with exhausted eyes, you may prepare a delicious smoothie before sleeping. Combine pineapple and mango, for instance. Oats may also be put in this smoothie. This simple and tasty breakfast will provide you with healthy vitamins and make you forget about hunger.

4.  Eat Nutella

Just spread nutella on your bread and add slices of banana on it. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your tasty and simple breakfast in the morning. Besides, it will keep you energized during the whole day.

5.  Eat Wave Muffins   

If you have never tasted wave muffins, you have surely missed a great thing. They are quite suitable for an easy breakfast. However, we should admit that wave muffins are not very healthy, so you had better pair them with something healthy.

6.  Eat Omelette

Each busy woman may go for an omelet, as it is another simple and tasty breakfast for busy women. In case you don’t want to fill hunger for a long time, you may add potatoes in your omelet. If you have a sandwich maker at home, the better for you. Your omelet will be cooked from the two parts.

7.  Eat Salad With Fruits

Many women prefer having fruits in the morning. To make a salad with various fruits is a great option for a simple and tasty breakfast. Just prepare it before going to bed and you won’t have to spend time on it in the morning.

These simple and tasty breakfasts are a great source of inspiration for busy women.

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