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Terrazzo trend crosses floor into fashion, beauty and homeware

It’s more commonly found in Italian palazzos or in the communal areas of government buildings, yet terrazzo – the Italian flooring composite – is currently enjoying a style renaissance above ground.

The trend took off last year when the social media site Pinterest reported that pins for the term were up by more than 300% from the year before. While it may have started in the pages of World of Interiors and Elle Decoration, it wasn’t long before the fashion industry picked up on it too. In January, American Vogue ran a feature on thetrend and major fashion retailers started stocking pieces after seeing demand from their customers to incorporate it into their wardrobes and homes.

The terrazzo trend on a Calpak suitcase.

The online retailer Net-a-Porter, which is best known for selling clothes from brands including Prada, Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney, reports that the term terrazzo is becoming increasingly popular in searches. A suitcase by the luggage brand Calpak featuring an all-over terrazzo print, priced at £150, sold out in the UK after being on sale for just a month. Net-a-Porter also sells a Terrazzo Matte Finish Eyeshadow by the beauty brand Strawberry Hill and a terrazzo scented candle by the designer Tom Dixon, which it says performs 20% better than the designer’s other candles on the site.

Terrazzo is enjoying a renaissance on the high street too where customers are increasingly picking up an item of homeware with a piece of clothing. Urban Outfitters currently has a terrazzo smartphone charger for £35, Wolf Badger stocks a blue and red terrazzo screen print by The Completist for £15, and Zara Home has canddelabras, soap dishes, tables and wardrobe doorknobs priced between £7.99 and £160.

A terrazzo wardrobe doorknob from Zara Home.

The growth of terrazzo is the latest progression in the fashion world’s affection for interiors, which has seen fashion brands from Gucci to River Island incorporate interiors ideas. Alex Eagle, the creative director of Alex Eagle Studios and The Store X, which both sell homeware and art alongside fashion, says she is increasingly seeing customers coming to her stores for “an experience – they’re not just coming in to buy clothes, they want inspiration across all of their life”.

Eagle believes the rise in demand for the terrazzo aesthetic is because consumers increasingly want things that are bespoke and beautifully made. Made from marble, glass or granite set in cement or resin, terrazzo usually features myriad colours on a white or black background, which is impossible to replicate.

Eagle credits designers such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at The Row and Jonathan Anderson at Loewe, as well as the rising popularity of events such as Frieze and the Biennale in Venice – the spiritual home of terrazzo – for showing how art, craft and fashion can successfully coexist in the same context.

“It’s natural for designers to look at and be inspired by interiors, art and architecture – they’re classic and timeless.”

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