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The best outfits from Jennifer Lopez’s I Luh Ya Papi video

J-Lo bomber jacket

The video begins with Jennifer Lopez receiving ideas from a nameless record label exec with huge teeth and an empty stare about a video for her new single. Maybe they could film it in a water park? Perhaps a zoo?

For some reason, these innocuous suggestions lead Lopez’s friends to go off on one about how women are massively objectified in videos and wouldn’t it be fun if they could reverse this trend and objectify men – possibly the single worst solution to sexual inequality modern woman has ever come up with. But who cares, ’cause J-Lo is rocking Mary Berry’s bomber jacket.

Seague into J-Lo's dream sequence

Things get superficially meta when the singer goes into a reverie about what a gender role reversal music video could look like.

J-Lo in double denim

Apparently it would look like three women in denim shorts dancing around a couple of cars. Bonus points for the double denim. Minus a million points for the poor grasp of feminism.

J-Lo revives the Versace look

Things get really exciting when the singer revives her infamous Versace dress from the year 2000. Fourteen years on and the neckline still plunges, but this time there’s a twist … It’s a trouser suit!

J-Lo on a yacht

Nothing says: “I’m rich enough to replace every outfit I wear hourly” like wearing head-to-toe white on a flipping yacht.

J-Lo's gilet

What kind of Jennifer Lopez video would this be without a studio-lit dance routine in questionable sportswear? #gilet

Jo-Lo's mani

“Hold up, here’s my mani.”

J-Lo closes four and a half minutes of pop back from the land of make believe, with her friends still burbling about entourages and women’s rights. The exec looks like he regrets every career decision he’s ever made. J-Lo’s earrings look amazing. There are no right answers here.

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