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The Fall finale: an anatomy of DSI Stella Gibson’s best blouses

Of course, we all knew who did it. So for fashion fans, the biggest surprise of last night’s The Fall finale was something else entirely: DSI Stella Gibson’s bright red wrap over top, the colour of a Bloody Mary.

Since The Fall premiered last year, Gillian Anderson’s steely cop has become a workwear hero. She is particularly famous for her blouses, which stay magically wrinkle-free even when she has spent the previous night in a sleeping bag in the police station. Her blouse library tends towards peachy, creamy colours. But while Gibson is often resplendent in ballet slipper pink, she never looks girlie. On Gibson, pink is reclaimed – it is tough.

A typical blouse, from season one of The Fall.
Photograph: Steffan Hill/BBC/Artists Studio

Gibson looks tough, too, in the fluid, antique pink kimono worn in a series two’s dream sequence, which costume designer Maggie Donnelly found on Silk Cocoon, choosing the colour to echo the signature creamy colours of her silk shirts. Last night’s red top, then, stood out like a danger sign, worn as Gibson struggled to push the case to a close.

Gillian Anderson in Rag and Bone trousers.
Photograph: Helen Sloan/BBC/The Fall 2 Limited

Though many critics were disappointed by the plot, The Fall at leasts offers power dressing at its best. Clearly, Gibson looks sexy, but she never resorts to the sub-Roland Mouret dresses so often found on Apprentice contestants. Her wardrobe is timeless, rather than trend led (aside from a lone pair of Rag and Bone jogging bottoms with a satin drawstring waist – a nod to the sports luxe), but not looks old-fashioned. In terms of doing formal office wear without losing all personality, Gibson has the case cracked.

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