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Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Bold Lip

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A bold lip color has become quite trendy, but for most fashionistas it is outside our comfort zone. We don’t want to try it unless it’s executed with perfection, and it’s hard to tell if it’s a look that we can pull off. Here are three tricks to help you get the perfect bold lip.

1. Moisture is key: Be sure to prep your lips with a good moisturizing lip balm to eliminate any dry patches. This will help with smooth application and avoid extra layers.

2. Use a lip brush: Rather than using a lip liner, we suggest using a lip brush in the matching lip color to get the perfect lip outline.

3. Concealer: Use a concealer around the edge of the lip to get the perfect outline of the lips making the bold color really pop.

Go ahead! Use these tricks to get the bright pink or red bold lip you’ve been wanting to try!

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