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Weekender: Karim Marsoud, trainee solicitor, 23

Most of my weekends are spent looking for a house with my fiancee. We’ve agreed not to set a date for the wedding until we’ve found a place; it seems more practical. I’ve always lived in Kilburn, but we’re hoping to move a bit farther out of central London.

In my spare time, I like to go to the gym. That might be a lie; I haven’t been in three weeks. I spend a lot of my evenings watching films and I try to read books. I sometimes play chess with friends in a cafe. I’ve never competed in a championship or anything, but it’s a good way to get my mind going.

My ideal weekend would involve one day just sleeping and watching films on Netflix. I’d probably like to spend the other day in a park – a couple of weeks ago we got excited because the weather was good and went to Kensington Palace Gardens.

I started wearing a hat a few weeks ago and it has become part of my typical daily look. I watch a lot of westerns – that’s my favourite film genre – and I think that’s often where my fashion inspiration comes from. I bought a colonel tie a little while ago, too. I’d probably go insane if I wore a tie all the time, but I do like to stay smart in shirts and blazers at weekends. I always get my suits altered, especially the trousers. I hate the standard trouser fit.

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