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Weekender: Wirat Meenchainunt, member of Bangkok Metropolitan Council, 51

My sons make sure my clothes aren’t old-fashioned. I love to go shopping with them – they keep me up to date with what’s cool.

This hat is my favourite. It’s a vintage bowler hat from Portobello Market and I think it goes well with my black shirt and jeans. Living in Thailand means I rarely wear a jacket, because it’s too hot. The one thing I always have with me are my Ray-Bans – collecting sunglasses is one of my hobbies.

My oldest son is studying at Nottingham University. I have three children and, since they were born, I have worked very hard to earn enough to provide a comfortable life for them, so they can do whatever they choose, whether that’s studying or setting up their own businesses.

It’s taken until now for me to save enough for their futures. Working so much means I’ve missed out on a lot and my children are at university already. I wish I’d spent more time with them.

I work every day, so I don’t have much free time, but my family and I did take a wonderful holiday to Japan recently. We stayed in Shinjuku and ate so much great food – sushi, ramen, takoyaki and sashimi. It was one of the best times. While my son is studying in England, I’d love to bring all my family to London. We’ve never been here together. My daughter wants to photograph all the old buildings and my wife would adore the shops. Perhaps one day we will.

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