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What I see in the mirror: Laura Trott

I like what I see in the mirror. I currently have brown hair, but I tend to swap between brown and blond, depending on how I feel. My natural colour is deep blond. My face is normal-looking: it’s quite round, with thin eyebrows, blue eyes, small lips and goofy teeth. I am quite gummy when I smile, and my friends used to call me Bugs Bunny – now it’s only my boyfriend who does that. I did have a brace, but I made the mistake of not wearing my retainers, so my teeth soon moved back.

I am very short – 5ft 4in – and my best features are my legs and abs. I like my tummy. My mum started cycling to lose weight, so that’s how my sister (Emma, also a professional cyclist) and I got into it – I was eight and she was 11.

I’ve always been girly but, wearing Lycra, you don’t really feel like a girl, so I wear makeup all the time, even when I ride my bike. I like bronzing powder – I don’t wear foundation, because my skin is clear – liquid eyeliner, waterproof mascara and coral lipstick.

I have had a few requests to model, and FHM asked me to the Sexiest Woman in the World awards, but I don’t want to be associated with that whole thing. I am 21 and I want girls to look up to me as a sportswoman. I want people to see my achievements before anything else.

Olympic cycling champion Laura Trott is ambassador for Lee Valley VeloPark, which opens on 12 March; visitleevalley.org.uk for details.

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