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When to Wear the Little White Party Dress

Looking for an excuse to take out that little white party dress you’ve been saving? You won’t have to look long and hard. A white party dress is one of those outfits that never go out of style. Unlike its black counterpart, a white dress has a classic elegant edge to it that never fades.

No, it’s not just something you wear to weddings. On the contrary, not all white party dresses are perfect for it (unless you plan on upstaging the bride on her day). On this note, there are several other occasions that call for THE perfect white party dress. Here are several of them:

The First Date

As you know, the first date is the only time to impress a guy with your look. White brings out a divine impression; it makes any woman look almost ethereal. It’s clean and very pleasing. Plus, it flatters your shape as well as highlights the parts that should get attention. But be careful not to put too many accessories with it. The dress is stunning enough already. Don’t destroy that look if you want to create a long lasting impression.

A Sunday Afternoon Tea Party

These require a somewhat formal attire which is why a white party dress fits the occasion quite perfectly. Sometimes, these events are held outdoors so you’ll need comfort and style by your side to stand out. A short strapless dress with flowing skirt would look just stunning for this. With the right pair of shoes, you might just manage to turn some heads around your way.

White party dress

A Dinner Party

A white dress is versatile enough to take you from day to night. Simply put on a red lipstick and black heels and you’re ready to take on any dinner party. The best part is you don’t have to change outfits or do too much styling. Just be aware that a white dress can be too simple. A white dress tends to be boring if you don’t add some eye-catching accessories to it.

Easy to Accent White Dress

Any accessory would look good with this outfit. Whether you have a long sleeved number or a tube top cocktail dress, any type of white dress can look so much more glamorous with the right accessories. Think pearl earrings, a colorful handbag or a floral scarf. Even a small belt would look good with it.

There’s something comforting about a white party dress. Like a well-tailored French coat, a white party dress is a versatile outfit – one which can easily transition from one occasion to another. When you have nothing else to wear, put on a white dress (and the right attitude) to become the knock out beauty you truly are.

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