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8 Skin Brightening Tips for Tired Winter Skin

Dull skin that has lost its natural glow witnesses that winter is here. As you know the key to success of a look lies in having a flawless skin. So whether your little imperfections are results of stressful days, bad weather or even lack of sleep one thing is sure – they need to be fixed with some specific procedures. To help you with that we decided to present certain skin brightening tips that will help you treat tired winter skin properly. So take a look!

Skin Brightening Tips for Tired Winter Skin

Sleep Well

As we’ve already mentioned the lack of sleep can be a major reason for dull skin. So you definitely need to make sure you sleep well. Especially in the holiday season this should be an easy task for you as there is not much to do. Sleeping well assumes sleeping for at least 7-8 hours. So make sure you’re following that graphic.


Exercising is good for your skin just as for any other part of your body. By exercising your body you improve circulation and allow oxygen and other vital nutrients access to your skin while aiding to detox.

Eat Well

Avoid coffee, sugars and junk food. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and take some vitamins if your dermatologist finds it necessary for your case. Also whole grains and lean meat are strongly recommended as they appear to be very beneficial for the skin.

Use Brightening Masks

There are so many beauty masks out there, all especially designed to treat dull skin. So by adding a brightening mask in your beauty procedures you’ll get the guaranteed effects.

Use Self-Tanner

The application of a tanner will help you to gain back the natural, healthy glow of your skin. So don’t even think about it, just go for it. Now tyou can either do it at home by using a specific product or ask a professional to do it for you.

Conceal Dark under Eye Circles

Dark circles under the eyes are the proof of your tiredness. So treat yourself with a treatment that’s targeting that surface and achieve the desired effects in a short amount of time. Also you can use organic cucumber, white tea, arnica, and Vitamin C in order to reduce eye puffiness and get back to looking just perfect.

Use a Concealer

Of course there is always the easy and quick way. For example you can just apply concealer to the surface that you feel the need to conceal and get the desired effects without putting too much effort on.

Don’t Forget about the Highlighter

Last but not least highlighter is also something that you probably need to consider including in your makeup routine. Highlighter will help you to add some lightness to your face and create the effects of having a flawless skin.


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