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Authentic Fur vs Faux Fur: All the Pros and Cons You Need To Know

As most of you might have noticed already fur is trendy again. From fancy runway shows to casual street style looks the new trend can be seen almost everywhere. What make the news even more exciting is the fact that especially faux fur version is promoted this season. Of course the main reasons of that are quiet understandable. However among those designers who claim that natural fur is crime against nature also stand fashion retailers who find faux furs even more dangerous for the nature. According to some well-known experts of the field, the obsession of faux fur can lead to very bad environmental issues. As they say fake fur is made from non-renewable petroleum-based products, like nylon, acrylic and polyester. Also it is being treated with heat and chemicals to improve its look and feel. So all these industrial processes lead to worse cases than the cultivation of natural fur could lead to.

Authentic Fur vs Faux Fur

Well of course killing animals in order to use their coats for our beauty looks is over the limits. However there is also the oppositional side that claims that there are so many people who rely on this industry that the failure of can come with the scariest results.

As you can see this is a topic on which we can point out many argumentative facts. Well to make it easier for you to understand the difference between faux and authentic fur, we decided to present a list of the main pros and cons of fur (faux authentic). So check it out!

Authentic Fur VS Faux Fur – Pros

You’re Not Harming Animals

This is one of the main reasons why faux fur is more preferable. Only the thought of harming animals to make a cute fashion ensemble is enough for one to feel guilty. What’s very interesting in this case is that usually fashionistas don’t even know how usually such procedures work. So they just claim that no animal was harmed for such reasons.

Faux Fur is More Affordable

Girls let’s admit it! We’re all looking at the price tag, especially when buying fur. Made of chemicals and synthetic materials, faux furs appear to be cheaper as they don’t require too much effort.

Easier to Maintain

Guess what! You won’t have to be extremely careful with your new fur if it’s a faux fur. It is not accidental that most of fashionistas (if not all) find faux fur easier to maintain.

Furs in more Inspiring Colors can Be Found

Faux furs in vibrant colors can look just great while wearing colored natural fur is like ”carrying the danger with you”.


Fake Fur isn’t Environmentally Friendly

Being processed with all kinds of chemicals, fake furs aren’t considered environmentally friendly. Moreover fake fur isn’t biodegradable. So unlike natural furs fax furs require more than hundred years to decompose.

Faux Fur isn’t as warm as Natural Fur

As studies have proved faux furs aren’t really the best option for a cozy look. This can be the only case when we absolutely agree. When it comes to comfort and coziness all credits definitely go to natural fur.


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