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Beauty: colour-correcting concealers can work. Here’s how

Few makeup products are more inherently confusing than colour-correcting concealers – and that’s before beauty brands have further complicated matters with technical messaging. It’s a shame because skin-tone correcting shades can be hugely effective and just the thing for those who trowel on regular concealer, only to see dark circles and redness poking defiantly through. I realise ice-cream pastels sound downright wrong in relation to the skin, and appreciate that many of us had our fingers burned with the ludicrously unnatural-looking mint-green foundations of yore, but trust me – the new correctors are brilliant when you have a handle on the basics.

Pinky-peach correctors neutralise blue, purply tones, making them ideal for darker-than-average under-eye circles. As a rule, pale types should deploy salmon-pink corrector; olive and brownish skins are better with peachy corrector (though peach also works well on brown patches on the light-skinned), while dark-skinned women should opt for orange correctors. Lilac correctors neutralise sallowness and work best on east Asian and Middle Eastern skin tones. Green corrector cancels out red on florid complexions, while yellow brightens very pink skins, giving a soft, glowy finish. Whichever you need, the method is the same. Use either your ring finger to pat, or a brush to stroke the corrector over foundation. Blend.

I still always layer a regular skin-toned concealer on top (I find a light, fluid concealer grips beautifully and durably on to a thicker, creamy corrector underneath, but your skin may disagree). One can wear correctors alone, theoretically, but I think of them like Spanx – genius at making what goes over them look wonderful, not exactly lookers in isolation. My own weapon of choice has long since been the near-miraculous (and racially inclusive) Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque, £19, but I’ve now fallen for her new Intensive Skin Serum Correctors, £28, which pack the same skin-transforming shades into a much handier wand-tube for faster application in-transit (the new lighter, silkier texture is also much better on oily skins than the old). But always in my work kit are the bargain jars of NYX Full Coverage Concealer in every skin correcting shade, for only £7 each. If you think you have myriad corrections to make, try their Colour Correcting Concealer palette kit, an absolute bargain at just a tenner.

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