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Cute & Adorable Nail Design Ideas

Among the rising fashion trends, the latest and hottest craze among finicky ladies is to paint their nails with the cute and creative designs. There are a variety of nail art ideas that can be painted on nails using nail paints, beads, flowers, stars and stones. These nail art designs can be created by taking the help of a professional or by using one’s own ideas and imagination. Here we are providing are some cute nail art ideas that can be done at home.

How to begin Nail Designing

The first and foremost requirement for designing nail art is to have clean and shaped nails. So, firstly, you need to clean your nails by having a nice manicure and then shape your nails using a nail file.

For creating different nail designs, you’ll need to apply a clear base coat, and then a coat of the nail polish. Allow it to dry properly. Now, your nails are all set to work on with beautiful and cute nail art.

Cute nail designs that can be used

There are a range of materials that are available in market to design nail art. All that is needed is a cute and simple design that can be painted on the nails. This can be done by using a nail art brush. You can further groom the nail art by adding glitter or stickers or some stars on it. If that seems difficult, you can simply buy a nail art kit that is readily available in the market and apply it on your nails to get that spunk.

Here are a few cute nail art ideas that can be used:

Attractive Floral designs: this is amongst the most popular design for girls. Use a nail paint of your favorite color to apply a base coat. Then, draw a flower of contrasting color with around five petals in it. You can either make single or multiple flowers on a single nail.

Fruity nails: you can also use some fruit designs to paint on the nail like banana, watermelon, grapes etc. Use of contrasting colors with predominance of green in the base coat will give your nails a stunning look.

Sun and stars: you can also give a summary look to your nails. A combination of bright yellow colored sun and its rays can be painted. You can also make a snowman on the nails or even some glittering stars will furnish a new feel to the nails.

Emoticons: emoticons are in trend and you can paint smiling, laughing, winking emoticons etc on your nails. These expressions give a cute and bubbly look to the nails. You can paint the nails with bright yellow or lemon color and the emoticons with any contrasting color like black.

There are numerous nail art designs that can be easily made on the nails giving them a funkier appearance. There is no paucity to the creative ideas that can be applied on the nails. Use the above mentioned ways and try these cute nail art designs yourself.


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Nail art designs cuteNail art designs cute

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