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Daniel Craig’s James Bond rocks the sensible-dad look – stylewatch

James Bond does normcore, again, in the Spectre poster MGM Photograph: MGM
One way to carry your gun? Holsters at Dries Van Noten Photograph: Rex features

Continuing his noble attempt to breathe fresh new life into Normcore – a year old this season – is Daniel Craig, here as Bond on the “soft poster” to promote the forthcoming Spectre. Obviously the image is designed to focus on his key skillsets: gun-holding, pre-pounce stance and the super-brood™. But look closer and you’ll see there’s more to it: shifting away from his Prada homage at last year’s press conference and upgrading to something a little heartier – with a nod to Kent and Curwen, Ami and Giorgio Armani, he’s having a go at this season’s poloneck trend. Then there are dad-sensible trousers, a little bit tweed, extraordinarily tight, utterly impractical, all topped off with eyes that can see inside your soul. The glue, in our opinion, is the brown-leather gun holster: possibly a nod to Dries Van Noten’s Spring collection, possibly a device to show off his deltoids, although more likely just a handy way to carry your gun.

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