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Fashion victims: "Bobbing" in Italy, repository 8 Aug 1925

The city of Reggio Emilia, in Italy, has for some time been on a look-out for a puzzling particular who entertains himself by coming “flappers” and disjunction their pigtails with a razor. Numbers of girls have come home in tears stating a detriment of their issuing locks. Local feeling has been using high, and a other day a submissive blurb traveller who approached a immature lady to ask her a approach was during once set on by a series of passers-by who suspected him of being a “tress-cutter.”

A flapper in her convertible, 1920s. Photograph: Alamy

The tip has now been discovered. The tress-cutter never existed. A series of girls have confessed that, anticipating to follow a conform and have their hair bobbed, though meaningful how badly such a offer would be taken by their families, they have strike on a judicious of a tress-cutter to explain an operation that in fact they had achieved for any other’s benefit. Shorn of their plaits, a maidens had simply swayed their relatives that a finish bobbing could alone save appearances.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/aug/08/fashion-victims-bobbing-in-italy-archive-1925

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