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Five things you need to know about wearing hair barrettes

As any viewer of Girls knows, Shoshanna is the patron saint of the hair accessory. This season, which ended this week, has seen her adopt a diamante barrette worn on the side of a pin-neat bob – something that looks adorable on a twentysomething. But how to wear hair accessories as a grown-up? In a season in which even the austere Celine has entered the world of hair-do-decorating with a gold ring barrette, here are five tips for 2015.

Barrettes backstage at Prada’s autumn/winter 2015 show Photograph: Jo Jones for the Guardian/Jo Jones/Guardian

1. Less is more

One fun hairgrip in a sleek hairstyle goes a long way. Anything more “statement” can look at bit Gwen Stefani in the nineties. Avoid those multiple buns at all costs. See Prada’s autumn collection for low-key styling tips.

2. Placement is key

You don’t have to see your hair accessory to get the best out of it. Putting one over a ponytail is a subtle way to brighten up a two-second hairstyle. Monki has cute silver clips with a spirit of Madonna’s 1990 Blond Ambition high ponytail – and that’s a nineties reference that gets a tick from us.

3. No flowers

Far too twee. Unless you’re at Glastonbury or a bridesmaid at a wedding there is no excuse for this. Even then, it’s best avoided. Flowers don’t look romantic, or like you’ve been frolicking through fields. Especially if you’re jammed in a tube train on rush hour.

4. Keep the rest of your outfit pared down

A bit of kooky in your hair – something like Katie Hillier’s rabbit pins – is allowed as long as you avoid Cyndi Lauper-esque prom dresses or similar. Instead, a grey marl sweatshirt and bunny pin has a pleasing juxtaposition.

5. Cropped hair and a hairband is a good formula

Sounds weird, looks good – unexpectedly chic, in fact. Keep the band skinny and probably meta,l rather than a fabric scarf-type design. Warehouse’s rope detail one is a winner.

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