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From giraffe print to buns: what’s hot and what’s not this week

Going up

‘Future primitive’ How Carri Munden, designer of Cassette Playa, describes her aesthetic. With the label back for spring, we’ll be using the phrase in a sentence today.

Giraffe print On the bags of Kate Moss’s latest range for Longchamp. Forget lions – these guys are the king of the jungle right now.

Quark The thick yoghurt is the Scandinavian post-workout snack – and now ours, too.

The North Face mountain jacket Sure, it’s got loads of features that help you survive while hiking. But it’s the yellow and black colourway that gets us.

Baby pink Adidas Superstars Courtesy of Pharrell’s collab and seen on the front row at Paris Fashion Week. The rest of us can buy them this weekend. Race ya.

Going down

Holes in leggings on purpose This isn’t a move on from ripped jeans. It just looks scruffy.

Buns Jared Leto has got rid of his. And there are high ponytails at Prada. The bun is done.

Expensive sweaters Kanye says no sweater should cost $5,000, the price of a car. We agree.

Sheer tights in a rush Hedi Slimane’s favourite hosiery is too delicate when you’re getting dressed on a weekday morning. Warning: runs ahead.

The rebranded Justin Bieber See the cover of Men’s Health for details. Ram in mutton’s clothing.

Snowga Yoga in the snow? Snow thanks.

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