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From varsity jackets to royalty: what’s hot and what’s not this week

Going up

Little House On The Prairie Or, more specifically, the patchwork quilts. Channel Laura Ingalls Wilder with an APC version, in store now.

Sweatshirt, midi skirt Your spring-to-summer look sorted.

John Allen The artist (and ex-dentist) makes landscapes out of carpet. Also collaborating with Loewe on a beach towel collection this month.

Jimmy Choo The Instagram dog, not the brand, although both come together this month. Rafael Mantesso, an illustrator and Jimmy’s owner, has worked with the brand on a series of delightful accessories. Watch out, Choupette.

Royalty Rapper Chris Brown’s daughter. Best name ever?

The Louis Vuitton jeans £625 will buy you the only jeans in the world right now. Seriously alpha denim.

Going down

The varsity Forget the quarterback. The American high school fashion to plunder is the cheerleaders’ jacket.

Keen messengers Give us a chance to reply before you send the next text. Jeez.

Full beard, shaved head A bit too much like Richard from Guess Who? for our liking.

Kate Bosworth’s centre-parted braid Game Of Thrones hits the beach.

Wooden cutlery The favoured kit at street food stalls. The taste of wood in our lunch isn’t quite what we bargained on.

The hand on the hip pose Getting a lot of play on the red carpet. Does not make you look more kooky, Blake Lively.

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