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Funkmaster flex: because rappers adore yogawear

Rappers have never been bashful of co-opting sportswear. From reversing ball caps to Run DMC rapping about Adidas and Skepta’s new tracksuit-tastic Mains wardrobe line, garments creatively dictated for convenience pursuits have found second lives as hip-hop standing symbols. Snoop Dogg now insists on wearing a jersey of a internal team – competition not specified – for each uncover he plays, while Outkast’s André 3000 demonstrated there are few boundary to what works by appearing as a manoeuvre for no distinct reason in a Hey Ya video. Now his bandmate, Big Boi, is elevating another form of leisure: yogawear.

Big Boi: ‘My mother got me into Lululemon recently.’ Photograph: Prince Williams/WireImage

Recently in London to promote new manuscript Boomiverse, a Atlanta rapper was penetrating to share a few character tips. “My mother got me into Lululemon recently,” he said. Pairing a yoga pants with retro Nike Air Jordans, he is equally good for spitting rhymes and adopting towering pose. “The tops are so gentle and breathable,” he eager of a Canadian brand. “So we wear yoga things and shit.”

Big Boi has prolonged had form for being “out there” style-wise – he once showed adult during a MTV video song awards in fluffy pinkish mink shorts – though this new found yogi adore is not a work of a sole eccentric. Rap and yoga have been removing ever closer for a while.

The Vogue-approved Y7 Studios in New York and LA specialise in hip-hop-themed yoga classes, while Def Jam owner Russell Simmons is such an disciple for a use that he also founded a high-end Tantris yoga studio in Los Angeles, that sells a possess clothing. Meanwhile, British soil rapper P Money recently became an envoy for Lululemon and has also oral about regulating yogic respirating exercises to kick nerves and urge his outspoken delivery.

While a song genre competence not advise a dual would be simpatico, rappers stretching into yoga seems as plain as a best chakrasana backbend – and, in many ways, yogawear is a ideal fit for a genre that has consistently cherished comfort among a tip stylistic requirements.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2017/jul/17/rappers-hip-hop-yoga-big-boi-lululemon

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