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How I get ready: Amanda Holden

We are very lucky and have a house in London and in the country. If I am in London and presenting This Morning, I am getting my hair and makeup done for me, so I make my husband take me out on those nights. So I come home, do the school run, sort tea, and then I will pin all my hair up under a shower cap, cover my face and have a shower without getting any of my hair or makeup ruined. It just saves me a world of pain.

If I am working, a lot of thought would have gone into my outfit. It is likely to be made, as I don’t like wearing off the peg. I also like championing new designers when I am doing Britain’s Got Talent, because I see little point in wearing hugely expensive brands that don’t need air time. Plus it means that I’m not in the Daily Mail the next day under the headline “Who wore it best – a supermodel or Amanda Holden?”

I could pick holes in every part of my body, but I’ve learnt not to. I like my nose mainly because my husband says it’s perfect. He will sometimes stroke it and say “You’ve just got the most amazing nose.”

If we are in the Cotswolds we normally go to our local pub. I will put my hair in a ponytail, go out with no makeup on, and it’s a revelation to me. We will have a date night in the corner of the pub, and everybody probably thinks I am an old dog who looks nothing like I do on the telly, but I am beyond caring. I am with the man of my dreams, I’ve already pulled, so I am happy sitting in the pub with a greasy ponytail, drinking my glass of sweet sherry.

Amanda Holden fronts the Alpen Brighter Mornings campaign: alpenmornings.co.uk

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