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How I get ready: Ashley Walters

I don’t go out that much because I have seven kids. So, when I do, it’s a huge event. I have a friend, Mark Haddon, who is a stylist and a brand PR, so a week before I’ve got somewhere to go, we sit among thousands of items of clothing and he will pick something out for me. I’ve never been fashion savvy; I’ve always been dressed and I am not in that place yet where I’ve found my own style.

When it comes to suits, I’ve got bespoke stuff like Dolce Gabbana, but mainly they are MS. When I met my wife, Danielle, she was working for MS as manager of the suits section. I started buying their suits because I got 25% discount through her, but I really like the fit and they do some good stuff.

Before a night out, I’ll have my hair cut and lay out my pants and socks, but I am not a guy who spends a long time preparing myself. I will be in and out of the shower and ready for my cab in 15 minutes. I have suffered with eczema since I was about 15, so the products I use are pure. My skin is so sensitive I use baby washing powder and baby fabric conditioner on my clothes. I used to try a lot of male face creams and moisturisers, but usually they bring me out in a rash.

I am quite happy with my face and features, but I do get concerned about my weight. I spend a lot of time in the gym; I am not going to say that I am overweight but, when I watch back shows that I am in on TV, every now and again I’ll see my stomach protruding and think: “Wow!”

Ashley Walters stars in Cuffs, on Wednesdays on BBC1.

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