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How I get ready: Erin O’Connor

I used to schedule about two hours to get ready, but these days I’ve got it down to 20 minutes – and that includes a shower. My life is a lot fuller now that I’ve had a child, so time to get ready is a forgotten luxury. I’m doing a lot of slick hairdos at the moment, which is no accident: it’s just easier.

I can do my makeup in the back of a car. Lips and eyebrows are most important. I use mascara to fix the roots in my hair, to brush up my eyebrows, and the residual goes on my eyelashes – I can do that in about three minutes. I’m very keen on a red lip: it’s the exclamation mark to any outfit and signifies that you’ve made an effort. My favourite colour of all time is Lady Danger by Mac – it’s really transformative.

I use what I’ve learned on shoots to dress well. I know what doesn’t suit me. Hot pants, say: I wouldn’t wear them and they wouldn’t wear me. I’m so elongated, I can easily look out of proportion – I’m 6ft 4in in heels. When you’re tall, you know when you walk into a room that people will look at you, so you may as well give them a show. I mean that in the humblest terms, being inherently shy.

When I arrive at a party, I have my favourite songs playing in my head, like an audible security blanket. Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or Whitney, for example: lively girl power tunes. I’m a very enthusiastic mover on the dance floor. I can do endless squats; even in heels I can go all the way down and wriggle back up again. I can always tell the next day, though, when I wake up and want to know who has stolen my kneecaps.

I wear a lot of monochromatic and sharp suits at work, but since having Albert, I’ve softened. He really appreciates texture and sparkles. If he wants to touch it, bite it or pull it, I feel the outfit is a success.

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