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How I get ready: Toni Collette

Getting ready starts after my kids – who are seven and four – have eaten, bathed and absorbed a smidgen of something on the box. I carry my son upstairs, he chooses a book, I read it twice, then we both fall asleep. I usually wake up with my husband tapping my shoulder, whispering, “The Uber will be here in five minutes.”

I always listen to music – music for work, music for play. To my husband’s dismay, when I am getting ready to venture out for the night, it’s generally something old and daggy. Think Come On Eileen by Dexys.

It takes me 15 minutes to get ready. I scrub my body and moisturise with coconut oil. I have good skin because I have always taken care of it and I eat well. The majority of cleansing products I use are from Jan Marini. Makeup-wise, I spend most time on the eyes – everything else is slapped on and worked in using my fingers.

I shaved my head for a film last year and, despite my hair’s thickness, there is not much length to it at the moment, which is incredibly low maintenance and quite liberating. I wet it, towel dry, work in some Magic Move hair product and I’m out the door.

I don’t think feeling great comes entirely from how you look, but from a more reliable, internal source that, when nurtured, only gets stronger. I’m more and more comfortable in my skin as I get older, and I don’t follow trends. I dress at the last minute and go with whatever feels comfy, and I wear shoes I can walk in. I like Vanessa Bruno, Isabel Marant and Citizens of Humanity jeans. I live in jeans and jackets, with a steady rotation of boots and trainers. I covet pretty things but rarely wear them.

Toni Collette stars in Glassland, now available digitally and on DVD.

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