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How to Pair Shirt and A-line Short Skirt

A character that we can wear all a 4 seasons, that make we demeanour immature and intense and classy: shirts + A-line skirts.IMG_2512[1]

The shirt can be of plain color, stripe, or plaid. Skirt, however, needs to be above a knee and opens like a small umbrella.

Basic style: Solid tone for both shirt and skirt. Jean shirt is a versatile square that goes with all brief skirts.

Pair with white:


Or Black:

Jean shirt and black skirt

Jean shirt and black skirt

Red is always a many distinguished and visually gratifying to go with blue jean color:

jean shirt and red skirt

jean shirt and red skirt

The same tone pairing beliefs request to jean dress too.


This Alexa Chung jean dress tones down a girly season of this floral shirt:


To mix some flashy or floral into a settlement is ideally fine. This worldly ribbon with a large purse bespeaks a lady of a worldly elegance, even with dress being a tad too short.


Victoria Backham is also in preference of this style

Victoria Beckham in Floral A line skirt

This A line leather dress on Chiara Ferragni is a ultimate grand square that looks good with even a span of white sneakers.

Chiara Ferragni, A line leather skirt

Words of Caution: Finish a demeanour with a span of sneakers, flats, or height heels. This demeanour is all about appetite and girl desirous vivaciousness, no clubbing. Pump heels or laced boots are no no.




A some-more perfectionist compare are among patterned shirts and skirts. When no plain tone is involves it’s when genuine styling skills come into play. Such striped tip and plaid bottom is a winner.

striped tip and plaid skirt

Coach 1941 2016 fall/winter collection has such style: a plaid and striped shirt and floral dress are both delicate and edgy, generally interconnected with ankle boots.

plait shirt, a line floral skirt, height boots

The shirt brief dress span is all good in a winter and open time too, when lonesome with cloak and coupler of several lengths.








And a brief coupler  no doubt fits ideal family.



A final word of caution: to grasp a best effects, we contingency have skinny and true legs, or have a Photoshop skills to make we legs demeanour good

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