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Kate’s new stylist: the most powerful 27-year-old in fashion?

A 27-year-old you’ve never heard of just became a fashion power player. Here is everything we know so far* about the Duchess of Cambridge’s new stylist, Natasha Archer.

*Spoiler: it’s not much.

1. She’s posh

She’s called Natasha but is “known as Tash in the palace”, which is the poshest thing ever. Also: her hair.

2. She wears grey cashmere crewnecks

This shows a promising appreciation of neutrals. Someone needs to coax Kate out of those cutesy pastels, and we’re hoping Tash is the woman to do it.

3. She was Kate’s PA before she was her stylist

Tash has worked for the palace since 2007. Last summer, she was one of the first non-family members to visit the Lindo wing after George was born.

4. There are early signs that under her direction, Kate’s wardrobe might take a few more risks

For her most recent official outings, Kate has worn a Jenny Packham dress with a “mullet” hem (short at the front, long at the back) and an Alice Temperley Flare dress with sheer black cutouts. Neither are obvious choices for maternity wear, and Kate’s style shortcoming is that she tends to go for the obvious choice. “Sources” say she wants to avoid overly safe choices that make her look older than she is, and that Tash is the woman to help her.

5. She is a fan of experimental London fashion week designers

Archer was seen on the front row at the Ashish show in September, where an all-black cast of models wore frayed denim and sweatshirts featuring Kanye’s face in sequins.**

**OK, we ran out of stuff we knew, so we made this one up.

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