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Korean Skin Care Hacks for Dry Skin

To get a faultless look, one of the beauty experts Alicia Yoon, with a Korean origin, reveals her skin care hacks for dry skin. She motivates and teaches women to look after their skin by posting essential tricks and useful information taken from Korea, as well as several products, grasped from Asia. Alicia Yoon doesn’t lose the track of innovations concerning to beauty and chooses the most essential products.

Caring for skin is quite changeable in cold weather, so we have decided to turn to winter skincare and make sure your skin keeps its glowy touch even in chilly temperature. Below, you have a chance to get acquainted with Korean skin care hacks for dry skin.

Korean Skin Care Hacks for Dry Skin

1.  Skin Hydration

Hydration is a must for cold winter days. It is your key to a healthy body. Being rich in water and humectant, it tops the toner to fill the deep skin layers with moisture. Skin resembles a sponge, which should absorb water in order to be able to soak other products, as well.   

2.  Going for Hot Packs

Switching on the heaters on cold winter days will make the air become dry. It is the enemy of your skin as well as your health, as dry air may make you become more sensitive to catch flu. Humidifier is a great option. However, you are advised to go for hot packs stored on your stomach to make your body become warm, as it’s one of Korean skin care hacks for dry skin. To prepare a natural hot pack, opt for black beans in a raw form and put them in the microwave, waiting for several minutes. It will help you feel warm even in a cold room and your makeup won’t crease because of heat.    

3.  Product Layering

Korean women recommend layering products instead of clothes in cold winter weather. All the skincare products have a special purpose. For instance, layer a toner with your booster essence.  Apply serums for particular skincare necessities. One of the Korean skin care hacks requires using facial oil before applying the moisturizing product, as it makes skin soft free of flakes. Then use a hydrating cream to fight against the flakes completely.

4.  Going for DIY Treatments

Korean women opt for DIY treatments when caring for their skin. Here are the following options:

  • Go into the steamed bathroom or cover your face with a damp towel. It will unclog the pores and increase the blood circulation.  
  • Take the mashed banana and mix it with the egg yolk as well as flour in a deep dish. Banana is packed with antioxidants and is a great source of water, which may be ideal for skin hydration. Egg yolk is fabulous for skin elasticity and fights against dry and itchy type of skin.  
  • You may also opt for face oil and add it into the paste.
  • Spread the mixture on your face and go for massaging and after waiting for 10 minutes, rinse your face, using lukewarm water.

5.  Go for Gentle Products

Dry skin becomes more sensitive to infections as well as irritations. With cold season, Korean women opt for gentle types of products. They carry out a purifying process with two steps. First, they apply a cleansing product high in oil to get rid of impurities and then they opt for another cleanser rich in water to clean not only sweat but also leftover. They will soften your face and make it supple.

Korean women are known for their perfect and glowy skin, so you had better consider their skin care hacks and fight against your dry skin in winter.


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