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Latest hairstyling From New York Fashion Week 2015

With the latest hairstyles revealed in the New York Fashion week 2015, we really need to transform our look. No longer do we need to get our hair ironed at 5 a.m. in the morning to go out for breakfast because this year, it’s all about going messy.

The hairstyles revealed have a comfy and messy look to them whether you want to dress up for a wedding or a casual hang out with friends. This is the year in which you can embrace your natural frizz fashionably and look amazing.
casual frizzy hairstyle

Among the very hot hair styling trends is that of braiding. Braids in short, medium or long hair are fashionable. From messy fishtails to crown braids, there are braids all over the world. While previously people loved the dead-straight ironed hair, now they love the messy braids which have tangles hair and comfortable look to them.

The fashion ramp showcased the mid-partition and side-partitioned hair with fishtails at the back. And if you want to bring a corky look, you can bring the braid to one side and let lose the bangs and fringes from the front. If you have short hair, you can embrace their natural frizz and braid from the front, making a loose crown braid.

frizzy hair
frizzy mid part hair

Messy buns are also very trending this year. From crown braids ending into loose and tangled buns to fishtail buns; everything is hot. You can make a loose braid of your hair and tie them up messily in a bun and you’re ready to go. And if you have short hair, tying them up with a single hair tie on top of your head beats every hair style for short hair. You can also let your hair loose with waves and frizzy hairstyles and look great in them.

This year is all about the naturalness and messiness you’ve got in your hair. Say goodbye to expensive hair products because messy is neat this year. Follow the messy hair trends from New York fashion week 2015 and get ready to be in the spotlight!

messy bun

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