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Mary Katrantzou: ‘I’m one of those designers who usually ever wears black’

Why we wear black is one of a questions we get asked most. Up until we launched my possess brand 10 years ago, we would wear colour; we wasn’t all about wearing black. It happened subconsciously and after a while we didn’t consider about it any some-more – it became my uniform.

It has a lot to do with anonymity; my work allows women to be themselves and mount out, it’s not meant for someone who wants to disappear in a background. In my daily life, we don’t wish to be creation any statements with what we wear. Taking a crawl during a finish of a uncover is harrowing and we don’t like a attention. You have so most adrenaline backstage, perplexing to get a collection out, that a final thing we wish to do is go on a runway. Feeling gentle in my uniform of black means we have one reduction thing to worry about.

Mary Katrantzou during a celebration during a Serpentine Gallery. Photograph: David Fisher/Rex/Shutterstock

Most of my pursuit involves being in a studio, creation a lot of artistic decisions about colour and pattern, so black acts as a ambience cleaner for me. we try to keep each other component of my life simple: what to wear is a decision-making slight I’ve taken out of my daily routine. (At this point, if we go to a restaurant, we wish other people to sequence for me!) That’s also because my home is really minimal; we like transparent space, white walls and unprotected wooden floors. A lot of people call me a maximalist, yet I’m also a purist. we like anticipating peace in elements that don’t inherently fit together; that means formulating clarity around me in sequence to concentration on my work.

I consider there are dual forms of designers: those who wear their possess garments and turn an disciple for their brand, and those who dress in monochrome to change a concentration divided from themselves and on to their work. I’m really a latter.

Models travel a catwalk during Mary Katrantzou’s London conform week uncover in Feb 2018. Photograph: Sopa Images/LightRocket around Getty Images

When I’m working, you’ll customarily find me in a black A-line knitted dress by Alaïa – we possess utterly a few of them. we adore that we can go true out after work but wanting to change; I’ll only supplement earrings and lipstick, so there is minimal fuss. If not Alaïa, it could be any black dress we find from places like Vestiaire Collective, Net-a-Porter or Matches Fashion. My hunt tenure has turn really specific: “dress, black, knit” and afterwards my size. After that I’d happily emporium from any designer.

I indeed find it really moving to see people wearing settlement and colour to dress adult and uncover their celebrity and cultured – it’s good to see how they brew things together. we adore someone who has heterogeneous taste. On holiday, I’m that person, too, and have a totally opposite wardrobe. Wearing black means work to me, so when I’m divided we like to have a mood-shifter. we wear colour and print, and a lot some-more lightweight materials. The A-line stays, though. we know what my physique figure needs: we customarily wish to uncover a waist and I’m not tall, so we dress for my height.

I remember someone once told me, “Women who wear black live really charming lives” and for me that ideally describes my operative life. It’s a smashing manifold reality.

Article source: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/sep/16/mary-katrantzou-designer-who-only-ever-wears-black

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