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Rihanna becomes Dior’s first black campaign star

Two months is a long time in fashion. So Dior announcing back in March that Rihanna would be starring in its Secret Garden advertising campaign feels like ancient news. But, with the images finally being released today – in the same week it was revealed that Beyoncé may be the latest campaign star of Givenchy – it was worth the eternity of waiting.

A teaser trailer for Rihanna’s Dior campaign

The pop star – who is the first black woman to be the face of the Parisian house – looks typically glam in red lipstick and matching talons, and also very much herself. Wearing a veil covered in crystals, leather gloves and a fur dress with a neckline down to the top of her ribs, Riri is posing in the palace of Versailles. But knowing her, she might well wear the outfit from the shoot to whatever Instagrammable antics she’s up to that same evening. Here is a woman who loves and wears her fashion at the edgy side of dressed-up, exactly the place where Raf Simons’ Dior sits. An alliance between the two isn’t a lazy meeting of celebrity and brand – it’s one that makes sense. More please.

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