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Tassels: summer 2015’s best fashion cheat

The easiest way to update your look for right now isn’t a new shoe, or the right shape of jean. It’s smaller than that: a seemingly insignificant, frivolous bit of fluff that only those in the know might notice. Enter the tassel – a detail that adds just enough silliness and artiness that 2015 totally hearts.

A bit boho, a bit tickly, the tassel has been spotted on people outside fashion shows – the likes of Olivia Palermo, Miroslava Duma and The Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine. Their use of the tassel varies wildly – Duma’s cover the shoulders of a pretty yellow coat, while Palermo’s are all over a dress – and Medine, in the easiest interpretation, wears a tassel necklace over a crisp striped shirt. Tassels, in the world of fashion show street style, mean many things to many people.

A touch of tassel: Miroslava Duma at the Sonia Rykiel show during Paris Fashion Week Photograph: Jacopo Raule/GC Images

This may be down to the fact that tassels are everywhere – from the thing that ties a curtain back to the end of the belt on your dressing gown. They’re cosy, something associated with interiors, another reference on the fashion moodboard right now. In fact, dressing gowns are currently getting some unlikely love from designers. Isabel Marant’s spring/summer collection had dressing gown style belts over muslin-y dresses, and the first collection from Hillier Bartley for autumn/winter, the new label from awesome design duo Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, has actual dressing gowns turned into coats, for a new interpretation of pajama dressing. Other pieces in their collection include a bag covered with tassels and the same tassels are on the sleeves of a design called a Curtain Blouse, for majorette chic. All excellent tassel usage worth cheering about.

Tassel touches on Hillier Bartley’s AW15 collection Hillier Bartley Photograph: Hillier Bartley

The tassel’s current fashionability is a warning klaxon too. Thanks to the current 70s trend, fashion is on the cusp of another boho moment – a word that hasn’t been used much since Sienna Miller made floppy hats, fringing and cowboy boots the uniform for young women nationwide around 2004. If the minimalism of the past few years sleeked fashion out, neat is no longer new. In fact, you want to have things hanging off your clothes. See Pucci for spring, where there were tassels hanging down at the side of tunics, or Burberry where model Malaika Firth wore a dress entirely made of fringing. If that’s all too much go for Medine’s option – tasseled jewellery has just enough of the fun feel without going for boho worthy of Miss Miller 10 years ago. Or, if it’s a minimal effort kind of day, going out in your dressing gown, tassel belt and all, is now officially fashionable.

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