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Winter Pale Skin Makeup How to

Leaving warm days behind, you feel a great sorrow realizing that summer foundation doesn’t suit you anymore. You find that your face isn’t covered with sun-kissed glow and healthy shine after your tan disappears. The last thing you may do is to stick to self-tanner to make your skin look lovely. Before totally absorbing your skin in bronzer, you are recommended opting for these winter pale skin makeup tips. Thus, winter is the best time to show off your fair skin and we will teach you how to make it look fabulous.

Winter Pale Skin Makeup How to

1.  Use Foundation with Full-Coverage

Applying right type of foundation, you will be able to change your pale and dull winter skin into a porcelain one in an instant. Look for a foundation with full coverage that provides you with a faultless skin. You should also consider that foundation appears in various shades. Fair toned foundations may also be found among the great variety of colors.

2.  Apply Cream Blush and Bronzer on Your Skin

Applying cream blush with bronzer on your skin is a fabulous option to avoid a pale skin and to give a natural glow in winter. You are advised to dab the blush of your cream blush into the bronzer, apply it on your cheekbones and stretch to the temples. It will immediately provide your flat-formed face with the desired dimension. Opt for a shiny cream bronzer and swipe it on your cheek apples to give your look liveliness by providing your skin with a certain color.

3.  Make the Area Underneath the Eyes Brighter

 In case your face looks dull and there are dark circles under your eyes, you may opt for a concealer with a brightening feature. Apply it underneath the eyes and use the ring finger to blend the product and add vivacity to your look.

4.  Add Color to Your Skin

It is tricky to get the right shade of lipstick to match with your fair skin. Opting for a shade which is too light, will make you look washed out, when the dark tone will brighten your skin tone even more. Fortunately, there exists the fuchsia color with blue undertones, which suits almost everyone and mostly women having a fair complexion. The lip balm is an amazing option for winter, as it is packed with a moisturizing feature while the stain gives the ideal soft color to your lips, making them stay healthy during the whole day.    

Thus, learning how to apply your makeup in the right way with these effortless tricks, you will be able to avoid a pale skin in winter.


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