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Tips for Best Sunless Tanning Results


For some, the approach of summer reminds us that we will soon be peeling off the layers to reveal the ghostly skin that has been in hibernation for the last 6 months. Sunless tanning is a great way to maintain a glow, or develop a glow, all year round. Tanning beds have definitely scared off many clients with the developments of skin cancer, and it requires a lot of time that many of us don’t have to sit and soak up some sun and maintain a natural tan.

So if you’re going to begin a sunless tanning routine, we’re sharing the best tips to optimize the results of sunless tanning. First and most importantly, shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin focusing on specifically drier area. A natural lufa with some body wash is a great exfoliator. There are also dry exfoliating gloves available for purchase if you don’t have time for the shower.

If you are going for a professional spray tan, do not apply any body lotions or makeup of any sort before your spray tan. If you’re tanning at home, select your favorite tanning product. Spray tan enhancers have more immediate bronzing results. If you’re using a spray/aerosol tanning product do not apply moisturizer first. If you’ve selected a gradual tanning lotion, apply the lotion all over. Be sure to immediately wash your hands after any sunless tanning application, but be careful of water getting on arms.

To build and maintain your tan. Just starting out, you want to build your tan by applying your tanning product daily until you’ve achieved your desired results. Then it’s very important to moisturize with body lotion every day. For maintenance, apply your sunless tanning product 2 to 3 times a week to keep your sunny glow. Your doctor and skin will thank you for avoiding sun damage.

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