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10 of the Best Diets to Try in 2015

If you are in search of a diet to aid you keep you healthy in 2015, stick to the best ones, recommended by experts rather than experimenting with those ones, which only sound healthy and safe. Each year you have a chance to get acquainted with the best diet types, enlisted according to the program effortlessness and nutritional and beneficial qualities. The results were a bit astonishing this year, as the ruling diets were commercial ones and also several ones, which weren’t shared by celebrities. If you are already interested, have a look at 10 of the best diets to try in 2015.

10 of the Best Diets to Try in 2015

1.  Try Dash Diet

The Dash diet is created to combat high blood pressure. However, the experts find other benefits of the Dash diet, and consider that it’s effortless to follow. Besides, this diet is nutritious and fabulous for losing calories.

2.  TLC Diet

Compared with other commercial diets, the TLC diet is considered a DIY diet plan. It includes low-fat foods such as fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and fish. Turkeys and chickens are also recommended for eating.

3.  Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic Diet followers assure that you will get rid of 6-10 pounds just in 14 days, and go on dropping 1-2 pounds during the next weeks until you reach your desired weight. This diet requires staying away from bad habits of eating. Thus, you will have to skip eating dinner when watching TV.

4.  Mediterranean Diet

Though the weight loss feature of the Mediterranean diet is disputable, it’s beneficial for the heart. You are advised to enlarge the consumption of fruits, veggies and whole grains. You had better opt for legumes as well as nuts and olive oil. Herbs and spices are also recommendable when following the Mediterranean Diet.

5.  Weight Watchers

There are many advertisements of Weight Watchers diet, which shows you how to achieve a perfect weight. It’s one of the best diets to try in 2015. The experts find this diet heavier compared with other commercial ones. Trying this type of diet, you will be able to lose calories in short and long terms, keeping safety, as well.

6.  Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian diet includes the use of healthy fruits and veggies together with whole grains. It is a healthy diet option for everyone. Flexitarian may be described with such words as vegetarian and flexibility, so you may sometimes enjoy a steak when being a vegetarian.

7.  Volumetrics

Trying this diet, you will lose calories slowly but in a steady way. One or two pounds are lost safely during each week.

We distinguish between four categories of foods. In the first category, you are recommended having fat-free milk, soup based on broth, as well as fruits and veggies, which are nonstarchy. In the second category, you have to go for fruits and vegetables, which are starchy, as well as grains and cereal together with low-fat meat and dishes. The third category requires eating meat and cheese, as well as pizza and fries. You are also allowed to use ice cream, bread as well as cake and salad dressing. The fourth category involves chips and candies, as well as nuts and butter. Cookies and oil are also involved in the fourth category.

8.  Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is among the best diets to try in 2015. This diet is greatly approved by experts, as it’s safe for health. The nutritional feature of this plan can’t be argued.

9.  Ornish Diet

Besides fans, there are critics of Ornish Diet, as well. Though it’s known for its nutritious features, it is high in strict fat limitations, as well, which will be severe for some women. Moreover, you may fail to lose calories but your health will certainly be improved.

10.  Biggest Loser Diet

Exercising for six weeks regularly and keeping the Biggest Loser Diet, you will enjoy a great loss of pounds, staying away from such dreadful illnesses as diabetes or cancer, as well as heart diseases or dementia.

Though this diet is pricey, the result is worth spending money. The Biggest Loser Diet includes fruits and veggies and you should create a food journal, being easy with the consumption of red meat.

Give a try to these best diets in 2015 and feel healthy, as they are quite safe and are deprived of any danger.


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