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Beauty: tinted moisturiser

It’s been some time since I’ve written about tinted moisturisers, so wedded have I been to the two classics of the genre – Nars and Laura Mercier. But now I have three genuine treasures from offbeat brands, and I’m giddier over products than I’ve been in a long while.

First and most exciting are Cover FX Custom Color Drops (£36). These are vials of pure liquid pigment (in an impressive 24 shades across all ethnicities) that can be added to anything – oil, silicone, water, gel, cream or lotion – to give your favourite products skin-toned coverage. This effectively means that all your moisturisers and sunblocks can become tinted, your concealer or foundation can be upscaled to cover more, and even your facial oil becomes a sheer base if you fancy. The drops took some practice (a little goes a long way, and too much looks chalky) but I’m completely sold on the results and infinite possibilities. They’re wonderfully ingenious and deliver on a simple promise.

If you prefer your base ready-mixed and swiftly applied, I strongly recommend the CC Crème HD (£16), from new Korean-made skincare brand Erborian. The finish is the best I’ve seen in a CC, albeit woefully narrow in appeal (a single beige shade adapts to suit most Caucasians and no one else). It impressively blends blotches and discoloration, but what’s exceptional is the superior quality of the moisturiser and its glowing, dewy coverage.

Finally, theBalm BalmShelter (£15.60) is a superb tinted moisturiser for healthy-looking, summery coverage suitable for all but oily skins. It blends on smoothly to leave a gorgeous finish. And the shade spectrum welcomes all.

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