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Trendy Tips on How to Wear Belts and Make it Look Good

Belts are absolutely necessary in fashion but it’s not everyone’s first choice of accessory. Wearing a belt can make or break your outfit. If you do it right, you can successfully recreate a whole new look. If not, you can look like you’re trying too hard.

Think about belts like you would a pair of shoes. Having just one piece (or pair) can’t complete an outfit. You must have several kinds of belts in your closet so you can breathe new life to any outfit. Belts, on the other hand, don’t just look good around your waist. These styles will teach you how to wear a belt in a totally different way:

Position is Important

Right now, belts look trendy on dresses more than it does on pants. Any classic dress (think 50s style) with short flowing skirts and a fitted top would look wonderfully new with a slim belt right on the waist. However, belts now can be worn right above the waistline. This involves finding the right spot on your mid-section. You can only feel comfortable when the belt is positioned quite right. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find other sweet spots for a belt. You must have more than one.

Goes with Over-sized Clothing

Don’t worry if you have over-sized sweaters in your closet now. Sweaters are in season because ‘tis the time to wear something warm. But if you let those over-sized sweaters hang loose on you, it would be a fashion disaster. Try adding a belt on top of the sweater. Suddenly the sweater becomes a dress! Pairing the belt with something you least expect would create a totally snazzy new look – something unique but totally worth it.

Buckle up and Button Down

Button down shirts become classic pieces especially when paired with slim pants. But why not switch things up? Wear a belt over this shirt and let it hang loose. Pick out a rather voluminous shirt that comes down past the hips. This look is casual but fantastic on skinny women who’d like a bit of mass on them.

No belt? No problem…Use a scarf

Having no belt isn’t an excuse not to wear one. Why? Scarves will do just the trick. Try substituting a classic black belt with a colorful scarf. Tuck in your shirt and wrap the scarf around your waistline and tie it neatly by the side. Scarves are wonderful to mix and match with an accessory. With these trendy tips, who says you can’t wear a belt? There’s so much more to a belt than meets the eye. If you give it a chance, it may just be the only thing you need.

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